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Software Developer
Feb 2004 – Sept 2004

I was employed at Auto-Online to design and implement the interactions between the existing Auto-Online software and the eBay platform. My initial research was into how the eBay platform works and how the company’s internal system worked. I segregated the previous auction platform from the internal system by inserting an interface, allowing the internal system to operate the auction software without knowing which auction package was being used. This enabled me to develop the middleware interface to the eBay API without disruption to the internal system. The system ‘went live’ in July 2004.

Auto-Online is an Internet based company that offers to dispose of ex-fleet vehicles. The unique selling point of the system is the fact that it investigates each car’s history (accidents, finance, etc.) and trade price. It then generates html pages and, at the touch of a button, posts this onto eBay.

The software was written in Java, using JDOGenie to interact with a MySQL database and the website was implemented using JSPs, Tiles and Struts running on Tomcat. I wrote the eBay middleware in Java and used XML for message passing. I followed the “Crystal Clear” agile development methodology and used JUnit and Cruise Control for unit testing.

Skills: The eBay platform, XML parsing using DOM and JAXB, using JDO to interact with the MySQL database, unit testing and refactoring.

Technologies used:

  • Languages: Java,
  • Databases: MySQL
  • XML: DOM and JAXB
  • Development Environments: Idea (www.intellij.com)
  • Source Control: CVS, winCVS, smartCVS


Last updated 4th March 2009